Fueled by its own crypto currency ‘FANTASY’ is the setting of feature film & TV series that you can visit in VR. A provocative film experiment where you are the star!

Fueled by the dream elixir ‘fantasy’, explore the immersive red light district that exists inside your mind. A place where stars of the dream world invite you to become the subject of your very own desires.

There’s only one catch! You must earn enough ‘fantasy’ to stay in the story. Once Fantasy runs out access is denied and you'll need to go and earn more. The city is accessible in both VR, AR and on the normal web.


How Do I Earn Fantasy?


Visitors earn ‘fantasy’ as a reward by watching erotic content provided by brands trying to lure you into their zones. Simply ‘gaze’ at billboards and storefront windows, trigger content and earn rewards for the time you are engaged. Walk around, shop through the fantasies and inhibitions that rule your mind – and then step back into the FANTASY zone.

Virtual Penthouse 4.jpg

Advertising Model


"Get Paid to Gaze"

The quickest way to earn the Fantasy rewards you need to access the fantasy zone is to engage with ADVERTISING. Advertisers are incentivized to provide content as part of their advertisements – as this brings more engagement!


Red Light Window Channels / Rewards System

Light Window apartments inside each Fantasy zone function as immersive content channels (or dream channels) for brands and talent. Brands receive apartments for free but must provide Fantasy rewards to fans who come and experience their content (dreams). Each brand has their own banded token / currency (branded Dream Coin) that their fans earn for engagement. Once fans earn enough dream coin they seamlessly qualify for premium experiences OR they can simply purchase the difference. Apartments are portals to entire entertainment worlds owned by the brands. Once fans earn enough they gain access to / or can pay to access these premium content and worlds.

Gaze Coin-01.png

Gaze Coin is a currency (GZE token) and platform that provides AR/VR creators and advertisers trackable ROI by rewarding audiences for gaze-triggering content. The platform’s exchange technology allows even entry-level users to participate without having to hold Ethereum first and to earn and exchange Gaze Coin-powered tokens for zero fees inside a token marketplace. As part of its suite of developer tools, Gaze Coin allows brands and artists to launch ‘branded’ tokens that power their entertainment  worlds across augmented and virtual realities.

Details of the ICO including the team of senior music and blockchain advisors will be revealed in the coming weeks. In the interim, parties can register their interest at