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Gaze Coin Holders Airdrop

 Gaze Coin holders are entitled to a pro rata ‘loyalty’ bonus share of a pool of FXXX of 1 millions coins. You must register by September 10th. These will be issued from the smart contract once the land rush sale has been completed.

Step 1: Register for Airdrop

(Time remaining for Airdrop Signup)




Fueled by its own crypto currency ‘FANTASY’ is unlike any other adult platform you have seen before. Fantasy is a RED LIGHT CITY with an over arching ‘adult’ choose your own adventure story world where you are the star.

Fuelled by the dream elixir ‘fantasy’, explore the immersive red light district that exists inside your mind. A dream where adult stars compete to make you the subject of their desires. Step into their red light window apartments and become the star of your very own fantasies.

There’s only one catch! You must earn enough ‘fantasy’ to stay in the story. Once Fantasy runs out access is denied and you'll need to go and earn more. The city is accessible in both VR, AR and on the normal web.

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