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Land Rush

Buy and rent property in Virtual Amsterdam - on Mars! A city that sits on the blockchain.

Buy and rent property in a fully functional immersive city modelled on Amsterdam – complete with ‘gaze’ triggered street-facing windows, ‘gaze’ driven billboard ad monetisation system where advertisers pay for actual engagement,  visitors are rewarded for engaging with content through eye tracking, and where YOU give your ‘rent’ token to stars, brands and retail to occupy your premises.

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Upcoming Phases:

1. Land Token PRE-SALE:
MARCH 1st - APRIL 30
Pre-order your property >> Receive land token
By pre-ordering you will receive land ‘token(s)’ specific to that one of the four zones of Fantasy.
Each sector token has an equivalent value in USD and gives you the right to claim property in that zone.

JUNE 17 - 30, 2019
1 billion FXXX Coins available at US$0.1c
Gze Coin holders chance to receive 30% bonus


4. AUCTION (Q4 2019)

5. MOON SALES (Q4 2019)

* Fantasy is powered by VELVET - instant delivery of VR content to all platforms globally

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Fantasy Coin

Fueled by its own crypto currency ‘FANTASY’ is the setting of feature film & TV series that you can visit in VR. A provocative film experiment where you are the star!

Fueled by the dream elixir ‘fantasy’, explore the immersive red light district that exists inside your mind. A place where stars of the dream world invite you to become the subject of your very own desires.

There’s only one catch! You must earn enough ‘fantasy’ to stay in the story. Once Fantasy runs out access is denied and you'll need to go and earn more. The city is accessible in both VR, AR and on the normal web.



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